How to Smoke Meth using Aluminum Foil?

How to Smoke Meth using Aluminum Foil?

This is considered to be a some what advanced level as it isn't so simple to prepare and control as other methods are. Below are the steps one usually follows in preparation for this method.

Step 1: Obtaining some Aluminium Foil

The First thing to do is to obtain some aluminium foil to use when creating the surface to place the Meth on.

Step 2: Shaping the Foil

Then cutting a rectangular shape having the length approximately four times the width. The dimensions can be chosen as to what the user feels comfortable in using.

Step 3: Straightening the foil

After obtaining the rectangular shaped foil using a flat sided object such as a ruler, pressure is applied downwards in an attempt to flatten the surface to a very extreme extent.

Step 4: Obtaining Funnel like tube

A funnel shaped tube is used to smoke meth. This can be created by rolling some aluminum foil to shape a funnel like tube or by using something like a toilet roller tube.

Step 5: Adding the drug

Once everything is in place, start by adding a small amount (0.1 - 0.2 grams)of the drug to one side of the rectangular foil which was created. This should be the side closest to the smoker.

Step 6: Gently Heating

To prepare for heating, the funnel like tube is held by the lips in order to one hand to hold the aluminium foil in a slightly downward angled direction and the other hand is used to gently apply heat below the aluminium foil. Warning: Do Not Over Heat as it will release a large quantity of the drug and If all Inhaled at once may cause overdose. If this is your first time, start by testing it and seeing the amount that is being released.

Step 7: Controlling the direction

you will notice the drug changes form to become a liquid state, once the heat is stopped it will return to its original crystal like form. The aim is to have it go all the way down and then flipping the Aluminium Foil to go the other direction. This is known as "Running The Highway"

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