How to Smoke Meth with a Pipe?

How to Smoke Meth With a Glass Pipe?

This is the simplest way to smoke meth as all you need is a glass pipe. Notice that the glass pipe has a hole on top to place the meth into. The hard part of this is finding a glass pipe as it may not be available around where one lives.

Step 1: Obtain a glass pipe

The First thing to do is for one to obtain a glass pipe which has a hole on the top side. This is sometimes called a "Crack Pipe" as it is used for crack as well.

Step 2: Adding a small amount of meth.

Using the top side where the hole is located, add a small amount of the drug into the pipe. This should be around 0.1 - 0.2 grams.

Step 3: Gently Heating

Holding the pipe on your lips, one starts to gently heat the bottom part of the pipe to allow the drug to vaporize and slowly inhales. Warning: Do not over heat in order to not let of too much vapor as this may cause an overdose!

Well there you have it, as simple as adding the drug and heating it, that's why it is the most attractive method for beginners and requires no experience, the difficult thing is for one to obtain the meth pipe.

Quiz Question

How many Years do you think this person Smoked Meth for?

If you Guessed 5 Years, then you are absolutely correct!


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