Smoking Meth a guide with video tutorials and instructions

Above you will see a very interesting general video with a person that is smoking meth using a glass pipe. This is the most common way to smoke crystal meth for users that have readily available pipes and for beginners as the method is very simple.

General Tips and Instructions when smoking Meth

Hey all, let's go out and have some fun, who cares about the consequences to come, we can worry about them when they happen. NO. As an educated person I must understand the risks and signs associated in order to be prepared should god forbid anyone be in such a situation. Below are some instructional hints and we advise just to bear them in mind.

Tips and Instructions

  1. Most importantly whilst smoking meth one must make sure not to inhale much of the drug. Meth hits the brain and one of the overdose symptoms that occur is a stroke due to one of the brain veins exploding because of the pressure.
  2. Meth is highly poisonous to the body, one should not hold their breath for long while inhaling, it should be a quick in and out procedure which is UNLIKE Smoking Marijuana.
  3. One must remember to eat something every now and then even if they don't feel like it, ones body is tricked to believing they are full of energy and in no need to eat or for sleep, whilst the truth is the very opposite and ones body is breaking down.
  4. Always drink plenty of water as ones body is completely dehydrated without them even knowing it.
  5. Whilst having a bath or shower, one must be very cautious, it wont be very surprising for him to close his eyes for seconds and to slip into a sleep at the wrong time.
  6. Never pressure the body to extreme physical pressure as ones heartbeat is very rapid and extra pressure can result in heart failure.
  7. If one is on a high dose of meth, never mix it with drugs that have the opposite effect as this process is very dangerous and careful gradual increments of the drug should be taken for the body to slowly cope with the opposite effects.
  8. If you feel any symptoms that worry you, Do not hesitate to DIRECTLY seek medical attention by phoning a medical unit, don't go there yourself unless you absolutely have to.
  9. If smoked using a glass light bulb, one must ensure it is clean and no particles of glass are still in the bulb which would be fatal if it is directly inhaled to the lungs.
  10. Not to try it is the safest way for anyone.

I hope this information will be useful to some and even more that it would save lives. Have some tips you would like to share with others, please email us and if truly useful will be placed on this page.


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